How to Place a Custom Order:

We take all custom orders through direct message on Instagram @ch.jewelrydesigns, Facebook @CHdesignsJewelry, or through email at We request customers please check out the following price estimates before sending us a message to order!

1. Start by sending a message or email of what you're wanting. We will then discuss prices and details for the custom piece(s).

2.Once all the details are figured out, we will send an invoice through PayPal to your email. You don't have to currently have or make a PayPal account to pay invoices!

3.Once an invoice is sent, the custom order gets added to our list. Until an invoice is sent, the order is not finalized and in the books.

4. Invoices are due in full no later than 1 week after sending. Full payment is require before any custom work starts. If invoice is not paid within the discussed time, the order will be canceled.

5. Production times vary throughout the year. Current turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. 

6. We ship all domestic packages through USPS. Once an order is finished, we will send a final product picture along with tracking. 

Domestic regular shipping is $8. We do ship world wide!


NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS are offered on custom orders.


Turnaround time for custom orders is currently estimated at 4-6 weeks.  


This is not all the custom work that is offered, just a few of the most popular items!

*these custom order prices vary depending on style, brand, size, etc. These prices are ESTIMATES*







Horse Head Necklaces:

Horse heads come in two sizes: mini and medium size. Each head can be customized to match your horse. ***To match we will need a straight on head shot of the horse where we can clearly see the markings***


-Mini- 3/4” long

-Medium- one inch long *Can have more detail in blaze cut out*


-Sterling Silver


-12k Gold


-Mini silver and copper metals run $170 and mini golds will run $220

-Medium silver and copper metals will run $220 and medium gold will run $270

Add on options:

-Stone $10

-Silver Flower $15

-Stone Flower $15 (only available for medium size head)

-Back engraving (name, date, brand etc) $30

-Hat pick $25

-Thin band ring $35 (made any size)

-Custom Charms such as brand, name, outline etc (ex: we made a peanut outline for a horse names peanut)





 Class Rings

Class rings are fully customizable to represent you!

Most popular side items are: year, initals, brand, school letters or logo, FFA emblem, show animals, a cross, etc. The designs are endless on these rings!

Single item per side of stone run $350-400

Two items per side of the stone run $400-500

Brand Rings 


-Single Bead Border Brand Rings-

This style ring comes with choice of letter, initials, brand, animal outline etc. This style typically runs $240-280 with choice of no stones, turquoise, red, purple, pink, white etc stone colors. 
We do require picture of brand for brand items. 



-Double Bead Border Brand Rings-

This style with a single brand, letter, initials, etc. with a gorgeous double row of beads typically runs $300-380 with choice of no stone, turquoise, purple, red, white, pink etc color stones.








Dog & Farm Animal Heads:

Dogs & other farm animals (cows, goats etc) run $200-250. Metal options are silver, gold and copper. Add on options are stone, flower, ear tag (for cows), back engraving!

These are all can be custom made to match a certain animal like horses.







Brand Necklace Styles:

Here are a few of our most popular womens brand necklace styles. Each style can add or remove stones with stone color options of turquoise, green, black, brown, purple, pink, white etc.

-Rectangle, Circle, and Diamond Shaped Brand Necklaces run $250-300

-Overlay Brand Necklaces run $180-200

-Ear Tag Brand Necklaces run $150-200






Mens Brand Feather Pendants: 

Brand feathers come in a men's size and a woman's size, can be customized with name, brand, letters etc. These feathers can run $250-350 




Name Necklaces:

Name necklaces are $100 for up to 5 letter spots, each letter spot after is an extra $5. For example, the name Crystal is 7 letters so it would be $110 plain. You have the option to add turquoise, lightning bolt, star, heart, etc for $10+ each. Brand, animal etc are $40-55 each 




Brand Cuffs 

Silver brand cuffs are most popular with women. These can be made any width and length. Wrist measurement is required with any cuff order. 

Can be customized with brand, name, horses etc!

-Brand Cuffs WITH OUT bead border run $300-400 (ex. name cuffs. Come in cowboy font as shown or cursive)

-Brand Cuffs WITH bead border run $400-500+

-Horse Cuffs start at $350 for single horse, multi horse can run $500-600+ 





Mens Copper Brand Cuff:

These are most popular with men. Customizable with letters, brand etc. Come in smooth or hammered back and run $180-220. 
*We do require wrist measurements for orders since they are made to fit*

We also offer inside engraving for $30.



Branded Toothpicks:

Customizable with brand or letters. Metal options for brand: silver, copper or 12k gold & metal options for the pick: silver or copper. These run $100-150.





Money Clips:

Money clips can be customized with initials, brand, horse, stone etc. Metal options for brand/initials: silver, copper or 12k gold. 
Prices will start at $200 for just initials/brand. With initials/brand AND stone prices will run $250-300.